For our second foray into game creating, we decided to focus on geocaching.  Most of the members of the Histoy Hunt committee had never heard of geocaching before, let alone tried their hands at it.  But once we all "got out into the field", we fell in love with the concept.  So, we put together "Trails and Tribulations".

As you might guess from the name, this game is designed to take you out and about on many trails in New Castle -- to places that you may not even know exist.  Since our game is focused on geocaching, you will need to educate yourself on the world of geocaching.  A great place to start is  There you will find all the information you need as well as tips and guidelines to help you get going.  Be sure to download their app (it's free!) on your handheld device. Once you are ready to start, go to “Trails and Tribulations 1” (and on through 5) on their website.  It makes no difference the order in which you find caches 1 through 4.  At each of them you will pick up a token - each of which will contain ¼ of the coordinates to the fifth bonus cache.  Lest you think the game is JUST looking for containers, be assured that you will be expected to solve some puzzles and follow clues along the way!  


Trails & Tribulations