We suggest that you print out an answer sheet (find links below) so you can keep a record of your findings.  You will need them every time you come back to the game. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity for players to save their games.  Also, the answer sheet is handy proof of your work, should your teacher ask for it!

Some General Information     Read this then scroll down.

Make sure that you allow pop ups from our website.

--"THe Kipp Trip" is a sequential games, meaning that each stage leads to another.  They must be done in order.  

​-- At most stages, you will decipher a code (or find an answer or a clue) which you will need to enter in a box. The correct answer will allow you to proceed in the game. You may want to print an answer sheet to record your answers as you unfortunately will not be able to save your game.

-- Throughout the game, all code words, phrases, and answers will be in lowercase letters. All numbers smaller than 10 should be spelled out (ie: ten); numbers bigger than ten should be entered as numerals (ie: 11).

--Be prepared to solve riddles, puzzles, and codes.  You will need to do some creative problem-solving, as well as simply keeping a sharp eye out for the details around you. 

--The game will take you to a variety of places– both inside and outside, offline and online. Some stages will require a car.

--Be patient!  Take your time.  The game should be played at your own pace.  You can take as little as a few hours and as much as a few months  to complete the game.  There is no end date. We encourage everyone to take their time and enjoy the ride.  Don’t rush!

--The New Castle Historical Society is located at 100 King Street, Chappaqua, NY 10514 and is open to the public Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm and Saturday 1 pm - 4 pm. If you find the front door locked, ring the bell.  There are stages of the game which must be completed at the Historical Society.

--Obey all traffic laws.  Be mindful of cars and people around you.​

--Please be respectful of private and public property. There should be no evidence of your presence left behind at any of the game sites. This includes, but is not limited to: trash and footprints.  Do not step into flower beds or on any other plants.  Also, please remember that excessive noise is considered pollution, too!

--Please review all the rules and regulations on www.geocaching.com.

--Be polite to everyone you meet throughout the game.

--Please respect other gamers:  Don’t spoil the secrets by giving them away!​

--Make sure you leave the caches firmly closed. Do not move the caches from their original positions.


Okay, so what's the first step?
Click through to stage one (below). There, you will see a coat-of-arms and a short essay. At the end of the essay you will be asked a question. Find the answer and input it in the answer button.
​Hint: You will have to do some researching of your own to find the exact answer.

We are doing everything possible to make these game nicely playable.  Please let us know asap of tricky pieces or glitches.  If, for some reason, you are truly stuck--even after looking at our trusty "Hints" sections which you can link to below-- then please call us at the New Castle Historical Society: 914-238-4666, or email us at director@newcastlehs.org.  We would love to help! 

The Kipp Trip​

How do I start?

In order to geo cache you will need:
​1.   A hand-held GPS equipped device (such as a smartphone or dedicated GPS unit).
2.   An account at www.geocaching.com.  It is FREE.
3.   An app for your device from www.geocaching.com.  It’s also FREE from the app store.

A few things to remember as you geo cache:
​-Keep in mind that distances can be deceiving. Understand the difference between distances as the crow flies (a direct line) versus true distance of travel. You may be a mile from the cache according to your GPS device, but there may be a river or other obstacles in the way. It is up to you to find the best route to the cache, remembering to respect the environment and practice “cache in trash out” along the way.
- Make sure to tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return. Going into a forest or remote locations without a partner is inherently dangerous. Geocaching is great fun, so think about planning a group hike with your family or friends around the geocache adventure.
-Pay attention to your surroundings. It is easy to focus on your GPS device and forget to look around you.  Being conscious as to where you are walking will not only ensure your personal safety but will also respect the environment.

​-To find out more information about your "first find" go to http://www.geocaching.com/about/finding.aspx