horace greeley History Hunts 


First, let me say that working on this kind of project is the absolute most fun a person could have. Especially with all the help I received from many creative, hard working, and patient colleagues. Truly, I would have been dead in the water without them.

So, first and foremost, let me acknowledge Gray Williams, New Castle Town Historian, who despite not being a lover of games himself, and despite having all this thrown at him with little (ok, NO) warning and under a strict (ok, NOW) kind of deadline, produced lots of history for us with a willing, and gentle attitude-- even when his computer wouldn't let him see the game!

Then there's Anna Walker who is the best artist you've never heard of. Not only can she create maps, logos, and many other unbelievable creations with the skill of a trained artist, but she can also be relied on (and I do!) to edit text with the eye of an eagle (tiger?)!  Both halves of her brain are in full gear all the time.  ps: her home-made and hand-decorated cakes are something to behold and taste!!!

​I can't leave out Jordan Stein, my first ever intern, without whom the website would have remained an idle fantasy.  Nothing like a high-schooler to lead you (shame you?) into becoming website literate.  And he was so polite through the process! Brown University is lucky to have him now.

And speaking of high-schoolers, it turns out that our new found ninth grader Ethan Rich has absolutely saved this project from HTML disaster over and over again!  He is a genius.

And Betsy Towl, the then director of the New Castle Historical Society, who allowed me leeway for creating these crazy games and helped me in innumerable ways, including not yelling at me when I didn't make deadlines...! Oops!

​And the rest of the History Hunt committee:  Betsy Guardenier, Al Hutin, Toni Kelly, Fran Osborne, and Ken White, with whom I made a pact:  I won't ask you to come to meetings but I will ask you via email to supply rhymes and limericks and all other types of advice and support, which they have very nicely done.

​Also thanks to my friends and family who had to listen (patiently!) to me yammering on and on endlessly about this project.

Keep checking back for our next installment of the Horace Greeley History Hunt series. We have lots of fun stuff in the works.

​-Victoria Gutfreund

Kipp family files, New Castle Historical Society archives.

Historical map collection, New Castle Historical Society.

Photograph collection, New Castle Historical Society.

Inventory of gravestones, Chappaqua Friends' Meeting graveyard.

Westchester Land Records, Deeds.

​Westchester Surrogate's Records, Wills

History of the Kipp Family in America, by Frederick Ellsworth Kipp, Montclair, New Jersey, 1928.

Thank yous are called for!

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